How Much Are Driving Lessons Prices?

The information on this page is for driving lesson prices, tuition costs, instructor fees, and price list on how to drive cars. Learning to drive other vehicles are not covered on this page.

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Hours Deposit Balance Total

Special Offers

3 (Inc. 1 free hr) £44.00 £.000 £0.00

Block Booking

5 £105.00 £00.00 £105.00
10 £210.00 £00.00 £210.00

Popular: Intensive Courses

Deposit a small amount, then complete payment when you start lessons.

25 £250.00 £345.00 £595.00
35 £320.00 £490.00 £810.00

Test Guarantee Offers

65 & 55 hours plus…

55 Hours – plus, 1 Re-test £435.00 £870.00 £1305.00
65 hours – plus, 2 Re-tests £530.00 £1,060.00 £1,590.00

Driving Test Premium: 3 * £25.00 PH £75.00 – Excludes Test Fees
Intensive Learner Drivers please Ignore this section.

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Cheap Driving Lesson Prices

The cost of of Driving Test Tips’ courses are designed to encourage safer driving practives.

Compare Driving Lesson Prices

We are not the cheapest purely because of our price for driving tuition, we are very competitively priced when compared with other driving schools in Leicester.

When learning to drive, novice drivers should really not be looking for discount offers. The real cost of driving lessons prices lay in their inherent quality, delivered by a professional driving instructor who has gone through the loops of knowing what it takes to pass a driving test. Yes, driving tuition fees may look cheap to the simple eye, more empahssis should be paid on how much the instructor can offer.