Made Payment?

Now that You have paid for your driving classes, you must ensure the booking you made will take place.

Driving Licence Required

NOTE: You MUST show your designated driving instructor a valid UK Provisional Driving Licence to commence any driving course.

Where you do not show your driving instructor a valid UK driving licence on your first lesson, the lesson will not commence, but you will be charged for it, nevertheless.

If you suspect you may have lost, or misplaced your licence, please do re-arrange for another date, or time.

How To Cancel Lessons

If you need to cancel lessons, please give us a minimum of 48 hours, (2 days), to cancel any driving lesson, or driving test. This gives your driving instructor enough time to re-fill the slot made redundant due to such cancellation.

To cancel lessons, just send a text to your driving instructor. If you do not have credit to send a text, please send an email instead.

Pre-payment Validity

If you have not got a valid licence you may lose what you paid towards such appointments.

Pre-payment refunds will be based on cancellations that meet with our 48 hour rule. Basically, you MUST give at least 48 hours notice to re-schedule any driving lesson, or test.

Where you call, or pay for only driving test day, you will still need to prove ability to drive safely before our driving instructor takes you out for such test.

Pre payment for car hire on test day is no guarantee that you will be allowed to use the instructor’s car.

In other words, the driving instructor, for safety reasons, may withhold use of his/her vehicle if your driving is considered to pose a hazard to other road users, or the driving test examiner.

Meanwhile, Driving Test Tips is committed to helping you with all driving test preparations. Our lesson prices are very competitive to help save you money on driving courses.