3 Test Offer

Fifty Driving Lessons, Three Driving Tests Available

The information on this page is about DTT’s fifty driving lessons, & up to 3 driving tests offered in preparation for a crash course driving lessons.

Fifty Driving Lessons, Three Tests
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Pass Guarantee Assurance

Driving Test Tips don’t stop at just fifty hours driving tuition. We also offer a cast iron guarantee of another five-hour driving course in preparation for the tests.

Fifty – Sixty Hour Driving Course

Quality assured driver-training on fifty driving lessons, dedicated instructor, available when you take this driving course. You will also get another five driving classes, if things don’t work out first time. There’s yet another 5 driving lesson if the second driving test is not successful. You could in fact get up to 60 driving lessons with this deal.

Driving tuition is on a one-to-one basis, no second person in car, unless you request.

Three Driving Tests Offer Explained

Pupils who take the 2-Retest Offer will have between 50-55 hours of driving tuition, and it is truly one of the cheapest driving lessons that go further.

How Much Is 3 Driving Test Guaranteed Pass?

Are you looking for the cheapest driving lessons that would make sense for your intensive driving course needs?

It cost £1,500.00 for the 3-Driving Test Guaranteed Pass Offer.

This involves an initial deposit payment of £600.00 for us to get things rolling. There is also a completion payment of £900.00 the day you actually start learning to driving on this course.

5 Driving Lessons

We will never leave you in the lurch, just because you did not pass your driving test on the first attempt. Five hours driving includes the driving test hour, and car hire assurance.

Cheapest Driving Lessons, 3 Driving Tests
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Guaranteed Pass Driving Course

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£1,500.00GBP In stock.

Product description: Fifty Driving Lessons, Three Driving Tests.Premium driving tuition of up to sixty hours dedicated driver training classes. Driving tests fees included in fees. No need to pay extra for three test, with pass guaranteed. 5 Driving lessons for nothing if you do not pass first time. And yet another five driving lessons costing nothing, if you do not pass on second attempt.

Another Five Driving Lessons For Improvement

We will rebook your third driving test, normally as soon as possible, typically within the 2-3 weeks after the previous test, and follow up with lessons within 10 days, keeping the driving test experience fresh.

Cheapest Driving Lessons, 3 Driving Tests
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How Do I Pay For 50 Hour Driving Course?

Payment method is the same like any of our driving courses. Payment is online, then we book your driving test, call you to start, and you complete the payment the day you start the course.

How cheap are the 50 driving lessons for this course?

What Happens If I Fail First Test?

So this is where Driving Test Tips beats the other driving schools.

If you do not pass your first driving test, we will book another driving test. We will also arrange a total of 5 hours driving tuition to cover more driving classes, inclusive of the second test.

What Happens If I Fail Second Driving Test?

If you do not pass your first or second driving tests, Driving Test Tips will book the third driving test. This will include a yet another five driving lessons, which include second test as well.

What Happens If I Fail Third Driving Test?

Well, if you fail the third test, you will need to re-book another driving test, but crucially, you have to pay for it. This also includes paying for the tuition leading up to it, and subsequent tests, if that becomes the case. Like we stated earlier, no driving schol would give an endless training programme without due compensation.

Cheapest Driving Course By Miles

One of the man advantages of a fifty driving lessons offer is that in the long run, you are investing in success,, and peace of mind. So when one should total the number of tuition hours involved, your driving instructor’s commitment, and assurance that your driving school is not in this just for the money, you cannot go wrong.

Cast Iron Pass Guarantee Assurance

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Driving instructors offering fifty driving lessons, a further 5-hour driving tuition plan, backed up with yet another set of 5 driving lessons with pass guarantee in tow. Third driving test is still part of our Guaranteed Pass Driving Course. The cheapest pass guarantee driving course, second to none.