Pass Guarantee

What Do Guaranteed Pass Driving Tests Mean?

This page is dedicated to giving information on what is involved with guaranteed pass driving tests, pass guarantees. What it means, pitfalls, misconceptions, and costs.

Guaranteed Pass Explained

Guaranteed Pass Driving Test Offers
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So what is a pass assurance? What is a driving test guarantee?

Like any insurance policy, a guaranteed Pass Driving Course means that if the learner driver does not pass on the first attempt, the driving school, or instructor, will book another driving test at no cost to the learner driver for the subsequent test, or tests. Put simply, that’s all there is to it.

How Many Times Retest Guaranteed?

It’s a shame that most people want everything for nothing. And this approach to learning to drive is not helping many learner drivers, because they end up with guarantees that don’t mean much. Let’s face it, who would want to give a blanket promise of endless driving lessons, re-tests to learner drivers they never knew from Adam?

Simple answer, none! There are terms, caveats, and conditions to having guaranteed pass driving tests.

Guaranteed Pass & The Best Driving Instructors

The driving instructor wants your business. Let’s face it, no driving instructor would offer free driving test payment purely out of the kindness of their heart. It does not not make good business sense. So what do driving instructors mean when they offer first time pass guarantees?

Put simply, it means he, or she will do everything reasonably, and legally possible, to ensure you are ready for your first driving test. Knowing that the instructor may need to fork out £62.00 for a re-test would inspire him/her to pull out all the stops.

What A Guaranteed Pass Does Not Mean

If the learner driver refuses to stop at a red light, or commits a speeding offence, it would be fool-hardy to think just because the pupils has a Pass Guarantee, that the driving test examiner would ignor the potentially dangerous driving practice and offer a pass result, nevertheless. So clearly, the onus is also on the driving test candidate.

Pass Guarantee & The Best Driving Schools

The true worth of any driving school, including her driving instructors can be glened from the online review pages. And there are many such websites that offer a platform for pupils, passed, and current to say exactly what they experience each time they encounter a driving school.

Instructor Reviews
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Like the driving instructor who want a steady income, driving schools want to ensure they can assure novice drivers of their commitment as a professional driivng school to deliver possitive results on a driving test.

Let it be noted that it is illegal to offer any driving test examiner reward for a favourable driving test outcome. Any driving school that offer such an assurance should be reported to the police. We need safer roads, not an avalanche of terrible drivers who cannot control their vehicles.

Pros And Cons of Pass Assurance

on th e plus side, you are assured of dedicated driving tuition. You also relax in the knowledge that your driving instructor is backed by a team of experts ready to ensure you pass first time.

Unfortunately, it costs a little more than other driving courses on the market. If an instructor, or the driving school behind them is puttting a lot of effort on your behalf, you do need to pay for the premium involved. So while it could be more price, it may turn out to be the cheapest drivnig course you find yourself on.

Guaranteed Pass Driving Test Offering

You can have the option of one re-test booking. You need to pay for the extra tuition.

Alternatively, you can relax with up to three (3) tests. What does this mean?

Guaranteed Pass with Three Test

Driving Test Tips is offering up to three driving test as part of the driving test guarantees. What does this mean? Look at the 3 Driving Test Offer.